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How competent is your cleaning staff?
Our competent staff has been carefully selected and trained in not only cleaning agents, environmental awareness and property maintenance but also in customer service as well, to ensure that not only are they efficient in cleaning but also in relating to our clients in a manner and standards set out by our company.

What type of cleaning services do you provide?

We are experienced in all types of cleaning, including first-time deep cleaning,weekly or bi-weekly or monthly cleaning, move-in/move-out cleanings, special occasions, pre-home sale and new, Post-construction, auto/personal injury claims. If you’re looking for window washing, carpet cleaning or floor care services, we can do that too!

Do you use environmentally safe cleaning agents?
Our company uses only the best environmentally safe cleaning agents that do not harm your employees, visitors or your family by emitting toxic fumes into the air which may cause allergic reactions and affect respiratory function. While we are in the business of keeping your home, Office or condos in tip top condition; we also work to maintain or create a healthy environment.

Do I have to be home when you clean?

The choice is yours. It is convenient and secure for you to allow Home and office detailers to clean your home while you are at work or doing other things; your keys are safely coded and locked away before and after you schedule your cleaning appointment.

Do you customize your services to fit my needs?

We will work with you to design a package precisely tailored to your needs. You can adjust assigned task as you see fit once a regular cleaning routine is established. Our goal is your satisfaction.

What do I need to do before you clean my house or apartment?
To help our cleaners make the most of their time cleaning your home, we ask that you clean up any excess clutter (clothes, toys, etc.) that might hinder our ability to properly and quickly clean your home. Our staff bring their own cleaning supplies, but if there is a specific product you want our staff to use, please leave that product out with instructions about where you want it to be used.

Are You Insured and Bonded?
Yes! Our company is insured, bonded and WHMIS Certified.

Cleaning Service Brampton
Cleaning Service Brampton
Cleaning Service Brampton